How to select right mattress ?

Many people change their beds after just a few years, and that’s perfectly fine if you can afford it. The fact is, it’s not a small investment, so take a moment to determine do you really need a new. Generally, after Five to six years you will most likely need a new mattress. Of course, it depends on the quality and material (we will cover the types and materials later in this article). And if you feel back or neck pain it might, your bedding is a good place to start.

The firmness of a mattress boils down to the initial feel when you first lie on the mattress. It’s important to note that firmness is not the same as support. When you first lie down, the mattress may immediately push back with a stiff sleeping surface. We can consider this a firm or very firm mattress.

Life of Mattress

The age of your mattress plays a big role with regards to choosing a new one. if your mattress is over 5 years old, then it’s good idea to change a new one. This rule is does not apply to all mattresses. There are definitely some that are able to extend beyond 5 years and still provide same quality and performance.


On the time of budget selection for mattress keep in mind that price does not equate Quality especially if you are shopping in store.We Recommend 8000-25000 Rs. budget is ideal. If you want king size mattress you have to slightly increase the budget. Also remember do not go ultra cheap, You are probably getting lower quality, durability, and higher toxicity in a mattress.

Sleeping Position

Side, back, stomach, or a little bit of each. Everyone sleeps in their own and unique way. The big problem, most of people are not searching for a mattress that supports their sleeping style. Each position has its own specific needs and ideal firmness level.