SiestaBeddings is a leader in manufacturing of European standard mattresses. SiestaBeddings tests every mattress in its in-house Quality Assurance testing Lab. SiestaBeddings is dedicated to work with intense standards of quality to ensure that its products are supported, protected and endurable to the health of the customer. To achieve product specifications and quality standards SiestaBeddings set a comprehensive quality assurance mechanism to effectively reduce defects and improve the quality of the mattress.

Flammability Compliance: Mattresses are used between six to nine hours a night regularly. It is important that they perform as expected while keeping consumers safe in regards to flammability hazards. Most of our Mattresses are tested to qualify the flammability compliance. Untreated mattresses can be death-traps when exposed to fire. Siestabeddings test its mattress to pass stringent retardant measures to ensure complete safety for you and your family.

Hygienic sleeping environments: At Siestabeddings we use clean mattress filling so that it prevents bacteria, triggering allergies and exacerbating health issues such as asthma and skin problems. We also incorporate natural treatments to reduce moisture and combat-allergens for an all-round fresher and healthier sleeping environment.

Top Quality Material: The materials we use in mattress manufacturing have extremely high quality. This is the way that we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products and meeting the customer satisfaction. We test our mattresses regularly and rigorously for durability, pressure, spinal alignment and temperature control in our state-of-the-art testing lab. Every one of our employees put a great amount of care and attention into their work, using the best materials to ensure that all products are manufactured at the highest quality.